Roderick est un designer inconnu, enfin un peu moins depuis que ses montres au design épuré et minimal font le tour du web. Il faut dire que cette minimal analog watch design est sublime.
Au sujet de son travail, le créateur dit ceci : Due to my passion for simple and minimalist product design, I decided to simplify the stereotypical form of the analogue watch as much as possible while retaining its functionality and ease of use. The ‘hands’ of the watch are attached to the circumference thus enabling it to be hollow.  The inner circumference rotates via a chain mechanism attached to the gear wheels present in the bottom part of the steel casing thus the ‘hands’ rotate to show time. The longer hand represents minutes whilst the other represents hours.

Sur l’image ci-dessous, on constate que cette montre ne possède pas de cadran…

minimal watch portée

Images : Tokyoflash

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